may i speak plainly?

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there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.

1 of 1906


Girl with a Fan - Vincent Vidal

19th century

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014),
dir. by Wes Anderson

When did I stop being “Dr.” Bartlet? When in the campaign did I decide that women were gonna like me more if I called myself “Mrs.”? When did I decide that women were that stupid? —Abbey Bartlet, The West Wing. (via miriamblaylock)


Watch Emma’s speech and take action


The Sky is Falling, 2014 | by Jörg Marx
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Elle Fanning at ‘The Boxtrolls’ premiere in Universal City


Lady Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey series 5

Nothing like surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest, Charlie.

Detail of portrait of Elizabeth I by George Gower, oil on canvas, 1600